.Net Development with different services

There is a disclosure on the EHLO blog that Exchange on-premises servers will run into some known issues if .NET Framework 4.6.1 is installed. Thus, in all this, there might be bit surprises on the updated distribution of the Windows. Well, in that case, this is not less than a shock. So, in order to consider the .net development, there is not a fixed alignment on the reactions and also the considerations.   This extend depends upon the .NET framework that can be extended on any other framework. This exchange depends on the .NET framework to a larger than other Microsoft applications. This required version remains the .NET framework 4.5.2 that is helpful in exchanging of the product group which helps in validating of the code base supporting different versions and also formats.

The only specific issue found in the KB3095369 helps in telling us that these are quarantine or also involving the databases which are failing over unexpectedly on Exchange 2013 servers. As we might recall, these things are have the information services in exchanged in 2013 in order to remove the outdated and also the redundant code.  This old monolithic service was discarded and not accepted. It was replaced by the worker processes and for each and every database. This were actually running over the central process. Then the new code is all used for the .NET development.

Then considering the exchange of 2013 server, there was a point where the information that was stored was embraced. This doesn’t mean that the previous version will use the 4.6.1. There was a quick glance at the Exchange Supportability Matrix that reveals the exchange 2013 SP3 which helps in using of the .NET Framework 3.5 libraries that helps in exchanging the version of 2007. In that case, the exchanging product team is simply aware of the .NET framework which is the boom these days.  Then the given sizes are actually environment supported by the exchanging of the online information where hundreds of mailboxes are running across the world. Thus, in this, there should be a time that is necessary to consider the new versions of .NET Framework which is actually solid. No one is interested in depriving of their emails because that the mailbox has been gained for the no reason. In cases, there is an acceptance of NET Framework 4.6.1 which would be supported by the exchange of the information in the near future.  Then in the interim, they cannot be deployed in the near future.


There are updates that the MVP Jeff Guillet has removed the .NET framework 4.6.1 from the servers if the Windows were actually head and the updating of the software is done automatically.
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