Compatible Magento extension development for all versions

Magento extension development or module development is one of the most important requirements for any of the project that help in getting good response for your Magento store. With the help of this extension, you would be able to add your own features or functionalities inside your project. Customized solutions are moreover easy with the help of experienced developers but making it compatible as per for all version is somewhat challenging.

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According to expert's advice, Magento extension development using 1.7 architecture is compatible with all versions. Further, there is one basic structure defined for customized module development. If developers follow the same structure then it would be easy for them to customize any module or extension for all Magento versions. Magento module development is based on MVC architecture that defines the flow of some application.

MVC architechture :

The MVC architecture defines the routing mechanism so that application can call appropriate controller at the right time. The controllers further will call the appropriate views and views will collect data from model files and appropriately displays them. There is one entry point for each application where it will get initialized. MVC architecture is difficult to understand as it is based on different layers and controls flow of application in proper way.

Before you start actual development process, make sure that Magento architecture is loaded on to your system and it is working properly. Now this is the time to start with development work and it is good to work on configuration file first. Make a list of modules that you need to add and their functionalities as well.

Check any existing prototype based on similar concept to ease your work. Once you have decided with all technical details then this is the time to start for compatible Magento plugin development that will work with all versions successfully.

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