Magento customization: Ways to improve page load time

Magento is heavy ecommerce platform that may run slowly if it is not set up or installed correctly. Even most of the experienced and qualified developers are not able to improve page load time, if they are not familiar with Magento ecommerce platform.
To optimize overall page load time, you may have to change the settings from admin to hosting. Hosting settings are generally missed by the developers so site gets slow and not able to load properly for slow connections.

The modification in admin or hosting settings as per your convenience is termed as Magento customization. In this blog, we will discuss about most popular and effective ways to improve page load time.

Steps to improve page loading time :

  • First of all, you should enable flat categories and products. The items defined under “flat” tag are generally stored in separate database that increases overall load time and reduces site performance too. Once you will enable them, all products will be defined under single table for quick data retrieval. In this way, it will affect speed of site either there is more than 1000 products enabled together.

  • Next tip is to merge CSS and JS files together for Magento customization and better site performance. When JS and CSS files will be merged together then it will make page load time faster for every page.
  • You should also set compilation option to “Enable” that will bring faster website speed and loads scripts quickly.
  • Once your site is ready to launch then go to cache option and enable cache management tab at the end.
These are some tips by experienced Magento development team to increase overall page load time and to make your site faster. With little technical background and concept understanding, you can do more to make your site better. The complex ideas include changes in server settings that will speed up Magento and optimizes your ecommerce store performance.

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